Advertising the Dubai Swimming World Online

Dubai Swimming 2010 is the most important event for the swimming sports since the Olympics; to achieve such a big audience we’ve had to go through intensive, massive marketing and advertising strategies to catch the attention of everyone in the swimming community and everyone in the world pretty much.

It has been an honor to work with amazing people and reaching so many countries that we never thought they would take part into our event like they have, this has all been done thanks to the online marketing power for reaching to the furthest regions of the world and raising as many ears as it was humanly possible.

Dubai mermaid marketing example

In order to achieve this we have used the power of the search engines with the help of amazing agencies like in what we call the best SEO Dubai Company for total dominance for an amazing and very helpful progress into the natural flow of the event.

Of course this hasn’t been all of our efforts but we’ve managed to ally with the best online advertising teams of the previous mentioned agency for an amazing swimming venue that brought people from all over the world and made an amazing tournament. It was truly an epic experience as we also broadcasted online the entire thing for everyone at home that wasn’t participating or in Dubai to have a look into what happened.

successful marketing office here in Dubai

Online advertising in the forms of search engine optimization in Dubai has been truly amazing and a work that has helped us and many other events in the UAE (like the Swimming in Abu Dhabi 2012) to truly get our message out there and get as much attention as we could possibly have.

Marketing in all forms of online strategies helps not only our sport events but it helps businesses that are based here in Dubai, the people use the search engines like crazy and if we optimize them properly then the whole world will know about us, which will not only benefit immensely to the local businesses here in Dubai but it will attract sponsors that will take part in our adventures.

With the help of a great Dubai Branding Agency we have managed to give our event a name to be remembered and certainly something to be taken into consideration for the future in the national tournaments and who knows, maybe even in the Olympics.

the city of gold in dubai

This experience has been truly epic and something memorable that I can’t get tired of repeating that it has been all done with the help of our friends at Desierto Media the best digital and online advertising agency, using the powers of search engine optimization as well as social marketing to provide a voice to be heard, to have an impact on the world and to make sure that there is nothing left out there.

Dubai has been very blessed by having the support of amazing companies and firms that are sponsoring our events and that take particular interest in what we do, because of the amazing cultural reach that we have as a result of being one of the most prosperous cities in the world.

Traditional forms of marketing as well as online marketing with the use of SEO in Dubai made all this possible and I want to thank all the athletes as well as all the companies that sponsored and the people who visited as well as the people who made this as big as it gets by sharing and caring about our events.

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